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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by patrickwitherow View Post
Thanks you! My two favorite JG Exotics are the twisted olive and the heartwood curly. It is hard to tell how some of the exotics would look on a kit with a 1 inch sample that don't have a drumset pic along with it. Did you look at any other exotics? I'm also considering Guanacosta...gorgeous!!
The Guanacosta looks rich and classy. It will have a bold impact even from a distance.
I love a lot of the exotic woods.One isn't really better than the other. My favorites seem to change daily. When I saw my heartwood kit in a John Robinson Jr ad, I was sold. So hopefully you see a kit that just whacks you over the head.
My next kit will be a vintage burst over something :p
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