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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by drumminjc View Post
It truly is a beautiful sounding snare drum. So warm and to put it simply; perfect. It's going to be my "workhorse" for a while.
I played one in a store yesterday - no wonky overtones or excessive ring - I didn't mess with tension, and it sounded great...

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
Yes sir the heartwoood curly has more random woody figuring. The straight up curly is very consistent. Only downside is the heartwood is limited supplies. So I have in the back of my head I need to order another floor tom before it's too late. I don't need another floor tom, it's a monkey on my back I tells ya!
ill X has played my kit and knows the difference! His Heartwood has more going on than my straight up Curly Maple - but I'm not complaining!
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