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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!


My name is Harm, but rest assured that i won't do you any, it is just a dutch name meaning soldier but that also does not apply to me.

I haven't really got a top five of drummers, but i do have some favorite drum breaks which make the people who played them my favorites i guess. I'll name three so you can get an impression, but they are in no way all of them.

1) Skull Snaps - It's a New Day
2) Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
3) Sly and the Family Stone - Sing a Simple Song

I heard these drums first listening to hip-hop as a teenager and back then i though the dj's made them, i was clueless.

At this point i don't practice at home, i sold my Roland TD4k because of the fact i cannot get used to the sound of e-drums and am waiting for my jazz-kit to arrive. Besides that i am in a stoner rock band and you can hear us play here and here or just check out our channel. All of our tracks are our own songs and recorded in one go.

I live in Holland like i stated earlier and one odd fact about myself is that i like to bite my thumb, probably ever since my mother forced me to quit sucking it.

I started drumming by coincidence really, a friend of mine needed a drummer for his band and that is how i started out.
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