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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
I love custom drum companies offering an instrument you can really customize exactly to your tastes. Not something every drummer geeks out about, but if you do it's fun.
I call this my cold dead hands kit, since I plan on taking it to the grave. The entire kit
is dialed in to my tastes, from the 20"VLX bass drum to the 3/8ths Supersolid maple snare. Not to mention the heartwood curly finish.
illustrator X - is there a big difference between the regular exotic Curly Maple and the John Good Heartwood Curly Exotic? It looks like the 'regular' Curly is a little less figured than the heartwood - but it's hard to tell exactly in pictures. I've got my eye on it and wanted to see what you thought the differences were.

Thanks man!
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