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oh man best super bowl since superbowl 42. Im a huge giants fanthough so maybe im bias. I watched this game 5 times at least. Taking it all in. This was an amazing season not only because of the giants amazing run, But for all the records being broken. Drew Brees passing record, Darren Sproles all purpose yardage record, Arron Rodgers QB rating. 3 QBs threw for over 5000 yards.

I think after Victor Cruz caught that 99 yard TD pass again the Jets, The giants just never looked back. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Check out all the records that were broken

Records and milestones

Most points in the Kickoff Game, single team: 42, Green Bay (vs. New Orleans, September 8, 2011)
Most points in the Kickoff Game, total: 76, Green Bay (42) and New Orleans (34) September 8, 2011
Longest kick return (tie): 108 yards, Randall Cobb (Green Bay vs. New Orleans September 8, 2011)
Longest field goal (tie): 63 yards, Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland vs. Denver September 12, 2011)[71]
Most combined passing yards in a single game, broken twice:
933, Tom Brady (New England, 517) and Chad Henne (Miami, 416) September 12, 2011[71]
1,000, Matthew Stafford (Detroit, 520) and Matt Flynn (Green Bay, 480) January 1, 2012
Most yards thrown by a rookie quarterback in his first game: 422, Cam Newton (Carolina vs. Arizona)[72]
Most passing yards, rookie, season: 4,051, Cam Newton, Carolina
Most yards thrown by a quarterback, first two games of the season, broken twice:
854 yards, Cam Newton (September 18, 2011), Carolina, stands as record for a rookie[73]
940 yards, Tom Brady (September 18, 2011), New England Patriots[73]
Most consecutive second-half drives to end in touchdowns: 5, Buffalo (vs. Oakland, September 18, 2011)[74]
Largest point margin prior to a successful comeback in consecutive games, modern era, broken twice:
18, Buffalo (18 vs. Oakland, 21 vs. New England)[75]
20, Detroit (20 vs. Minnesota, 24 vs. Dallas)
Most field goals of 50 or more yards, single game (tied twice):
3, Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland (54, 55, and 50; vs. Houston, October 9, 2011)[76]
3, Josh Scobee, Jacksonville (54, 54, and 51; vs. Ravens, October 24, 2011)
Highest net punting average for a season: 43.99 yards, Andy Lee, San Francisco[77]
Longest game-winning punt return touchdown in overtime: 99 yards, Patrick Peterson, Arizona (vs. St. Louis, November 6, 2011)[78]
Most punt returns in a season for touchdown (tied): 4, Patrick Peterson, Arizona
Most punt return yards by a rookie in a season: 699, Patrick Peterson, Arizona
Most field goals in a season: 44, David Akers, San Francisco
Most points in a season without a touchdown: 166, David Akers, San Francisco[77]
Most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season: 14, Cam Newton, Carolina
Most passing yards in a season: 5,476, Drew Brees, New Orleans.[79]
Tom Brady, New England (5,235) and Matthew Stafford, Detroit (5,038) also passed for more than 5,000 yards marking the 4th and 5th times an individual has reached that milestone in NFL history, and the first time more than one person has done it in a single season.
Fewest turnovers in a season (tied): 10, San Francisco[77]
The 2011 Saints broke many offensive records on January 1, 2012:[80]
Most net yardage of offense in a season: 7,474
Most net yards passing: 5,347
Most completions: 472
Highest completion percentage (team) for the season: 71.3
Fewest fumbles in a season: 6
Most first downs for the season: 416
Most passing first downs in a season: 280
Most kick-offs resulting in a touchback, season: 62
Highest third down conversion percentage: 57.9%
The 2011 Raiders also broke a few records:
Most penalties, season: 163
Most yards penalized, season: 1,358
Most all purpose yards in a season: 2,696, Darren Sproles, New Orleans
Most receiving yards by a tight end in a season, broken twice:
1310, (Jimmy Graham, New Orleans vs. Panthers)
1327, (Rob Gronkowski, New England vs. Bills)
Most games, 300+ yards passing, season: 13, Drew Brees, New Orleans
Most consecutive 300+ yards passing games: 7, Drew Brees, New Orleans
Punt return touchdowns, career: 12, Devin Hester, Chicago
Most consecutive games, 100+ passer rating, season: 12, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
Highest passer rating, season: 122.5, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
Most field goals of 50 or more yards, season, all teams: 90
Highest completion percentage (individual), season: 71.2, Drew Brees, New Orleans
Longest pass completion (tied twice):
99, Tom Brady, New England Patriots (vs. Miami, September 12, 2011)
99, Eli Manning, New York Giants (vs. New York Jets, December 24, 2011)
Most consecutive games, 2+ touchdown passes (tied): 13, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
Most times finished first: 23, New York Giants
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