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Default Re: Travis Barker

Originally Posted by Jookbox
i never bashed him (or any other drummer) but you can understand the backlash. there are so many teen drummers obsessed with him. personally from the videos i've seen, i'm not really impressed, that's just my opinion.. i'm not surprised people talk trash. i actually think chad sexton is a much much better drummer, but i hardly ever hear about him. by the way i don't like either band, but i'll acknowledge a good drummer when i hear one.

heres a good video for you to gander at, keep in mind that hes improving! and this is a live performance at the 2006 guitar center drum off in california, took place january 17th, the person keeping the bass beats and such in the background is adrian young of no doubt.
i personally loved this video ever since i got my hands on it.

i love the hip hopish type beat hes doing.. this video shows barkers chops and his creativity excellently..

here is another one (same event) this time hes on the kit... :)

check out his style and playing movments (another reason why i love to watch this man play) !

hope you all enjoy
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