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Yeah, dumpweed (and even more so, 'Anthem') has some wickedly fast bass drum doubles in there, and bear in mind they probably play the whole thing about 30 BPM faster live - and Travis will spice up the drum part even more.

Stu, if you're gonna coment on 'I'm lost without you' (which is a terrible Blink song, by the way), at least mention the duelling snare outro!! Yes it was overdubbed, but it shows great rhythmic creativity and must have been a nightmare to record - a testament to Barker's time-keeping abilities. Travis plays along to a click, and really, I don't see any noticeable tempo changes.

There are also tonnes of punk drummers that play as many, if not more notes than Travis, such as Jordan Burns and Dave Ruan, but I'll concede one guy who bases his playing a bit more on 'feel' and does less while sounding equally good is Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio.
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