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Default Help with rare Snare Drum!!

Hi everyone, thanx for reading i'm new in this forum even though i have visited this page many times before but now i decided to join. I'm asking for some help reggarding a "rare" snare drum, i think based on the info my father gave me that it is an 80's pearl steel snare drum that came with a transaprent acrylic pearl set that my cousin purchased back then. what i kow is that the acrylic set was used and maybe the guy who sold it to my cousin just gave him this snare instead of a Pearl. i don't know. i have search for some info on the web and found nothing so far. i think it's 5.5" x 14" Steel, it is considerably heavy, and it has a "parallel" system, it means the snare wires descend "parallel" using a tube that runs from inside the drum from the throw off to the butt end, sorry for being so redundant., i would really appreciate any info you have about it. i think i replaced almost all lugs i mean they are not originals but i also think the ones that came with it were the same shape. (i think those are pearl style lugs right?) thanx in advance hope to read from you soon.
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