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Default Caroline Corr

Now I know from the off that this thread wont get much traffic but I searched for her on the site and didnt get one single reference. We dont have that many women and I felt compelled to get her name mentioned somewhere on this site.

My wife dug out an old album of the Corrs last night that I probably hadnt listened to in 10 years.

I was surprised when I realized what a fantastically steady and dependable drummer she is. Always plays for the music- never ever overplays,

She plays the piano, bodhran and has a beautiful singing voice as well as gorgeous looks.

Many drummer's starting out (and quite a few with plenty of years on them) should take a leaf out of her drumbook instead of focusing on the usual guys and all their chops.

I'd take a hard hitting right on the money steady stunning female drummer over any flash in the pan blast beat overplaying chops monster anyday.

Just wanted to share some love for Caroline
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