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Default Re: Girls&Relationships vs. Drums&Music

Originally Posted by DrummerPady View Post
That's exactly my problem...
Interesting thread on a delicate topic, a lot of good replies by many members...

When I started drumming, I had that "dream" of becoming a professional musician, and I sacrified a lot of my time doing so at the expense of relationships, with both my girlfriend ( I had a girlfriend when I started music) and my friends and family.

Now, very few of us out there can genuinely say that they achieved such "dream(s)", most of us never have and never will have the chance of earning a decent financial reward to be able to go through life as a professional musician, this regardless of how good a musician is able master his/her craft. It takes more than being an acomplished drummer to get there IMO. :)

It's OK to be smitten by girls and whishing upon a relationship with shuch feeling toward a girl, but if you find the special one, the one that you'll be in love with, and provididing that the feeling is mutual, it will not be difficult as far as "relationship" is concerned, I married the girlfriend I had when I started music, and throughout my life as a musician, she's always supported me in whatever decision I made upon my views and choices in music, and although she's not a musician, she's the best friend I ever had within my musical career over all these years. :)

You cannot just play drums 24/7 365 days a year, so, when the few non music involved moments arise in your life, enjoy them, girlfriend(s), family and friends, there's much more to life than just music. :)
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