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Default Re: Girls&Relationships vs. Drums&Music

It's always a tough one mate. I know exactly what you're saying, you want a girlfriend, like a proper girlfriend not just a f++k buddy, but you don't know if you can really commit to having one right now due to other things in your life such as music. It's a bit of a paradox really. Being single can in some ways totally focus your mind but you also get times when you just don't feel like doing anything. My suggestion would be to not think about it for a few years. Really get your head down and practice hard, go to the gym, get some kick ass biceps and triceps and quadriceps, try to start getting a name for yourself and then once you feel you're in a stable position in life, that will be the time when you can finally go for it. If you start to go a bit crazy then by all means go and have a shag with someone, just for a bit of release. Then back to drumming.
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