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Default Re: Girls&Relationships vs. Drums&Music

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Sex, status, financial security.
Sex: can be had at any time Pol. Shouldn't need a steady girlfriend just to get laid.....just a willing participant.

Status: Yep, I'm willing to concede that one. After all, who want's to be the dude everyone takes pity on by trying to continually set him up.

Financial security: Not in my world mate. As I recall, I always had far more cash in my pocket as a single man.

Originally Posted by DrummerPady View Post
How did you know it was the right time and the right person?
I've had a few "right times" and a few more "right persons"........The answer is simple. The one I married was the one who didn't send me packing. :-)
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