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There are tons of punk drummers that play less notes and it sounds great!

I posted a list of 5 or so Blink songs with obvious tempo problems, but for the life of me, can't find it anywhere. Must have been in a locked/removed thread or something.

"I'm lost without you" is one I remember having a laughably bad tempo. I think that one fluctuates almost 10 bpm or just keeps getting slooooower, and sloooooooower. Normally though, the songs just fluctuate, fast, slow, fast, slow, like so many of my beginner students, lol! Yes, and I've heard that Raynor was the drummer on an album, but I don't know which one.

A friend at work who plays trumpet asked me why one of the radio singles do the drums rush so badly? Can't remember which tune, but I do recall a couple radio singles having a horribly unequal tempo (ran the old metronome test against them awhile back, and yep, really bad timing).

There plenty of room for tempo fluctuations, but it shouldn't be overtly obvious to the ear. With the amount of refinement these labels require now and the sheer amout of pro-tooling that goes on, I'm always amazed to hear a flat note or bad tempo.
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