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Forgive me, I have been playing drums most of my life, I am 48 now. I dont think I have heard Donati play, unless maybe the bootleg Steve Vai tape I have is him. I have read he is 50 years or so old, and still commits to an insane practice schedule. Sounds like he traded his life for the pursuit of the instrument which is the ultimate sacrifice. I just reserved to tickets, Mar 26/2012 for his drum clinic and Mar 27/2012 for a band show with holdsworth and haslip. It is at cosmo music in Toronto and i think it is a venue which only seats about 250. So this is going to be unforgettable and intimate. I have been a Holdsworth fan since Metal Fatigue, (mid 80's???). I heard of this on this site around New Years and the store just announced it now, I phoned and reserved faster than an exlax induced bathroom run. So now I have 6 weeks to gather some Donati material and get familiar with his playing.
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