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This man is one of the greatest drummers ever! He is in my top 5 that as soon as I hear him play a note, and it can be on anything, I'll want to jump behind my kit and start playing. Because Jeff Porcaro was a main commoditity in the drumming world, his discography is amazing. From playing with Toto to Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan to Michael McDonald, even David Benoit. The list keeps going. An amazing drummer who went before his time. And as I write this, I still can belive it will be 20 years since he passed away. I truly miss Jeff and there needs to be memorial concert done for him, to celebrate his drumming and his music! If we can do one every year for Buddy Rich, why not for the studio great, the master of the groove, Jeff Porcaro. How proud Jeff would be if we were to do something for him like that.
Will Geronimo
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