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Originally Posted by haredrums View Post
Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Drummer
Charley Wilcoxon
Target Audience
This book can work for just about everybody

I didn't see anyone mention this one yet, so I thought I would share it. This book is a classic, although not without it its faults. It is a collection of snare solos, some really great and some less than stellar. Philly Joe was said to have practiced from it religiously, and in my experience it is a great way to start building up both rudimental vocabulary, as well as ideas for phrasing solos. It is also a real challenge to practice with brushes (Kenny Washington apparently has spent a lot of time on this). I do have some small issues with the way it is organized, and as I mentioned some of the solos leave something to be desired. But overall, if you haven't checked it out it is definitely worth your time as it is one of the better snare solo books.
Originally Posted by Matty B Bop View Post
OK, so a couple of things:

I'm literally just starting out with drums. I have an acoustic set as well as a new e-kit, but have to part with my acoustic set because I never get to play it (too loud, neighbors, etc). Anyway, the e-kit has been great so far and has really allowed me to log more time since I can play whenever I want with headphones.

I've never had an instructor, never had any training, so I'm looking for some really nice beginner books to work with that are easy to understand and follow.

the books I have now are:

Syncopation of the Modern Drummer
Stick Control
Groove Essentials (vol 1)
The Drummer's Bible

What do you recommend as far as metronome speed also? Any tips to a brand new drummer that you can offer would be much appreciated. I'm serious about learning and I look forward to improving my skills. I've been logging 2+ hours of practice/playing nightly!

Sorry, but half this thread is missing (like many of the other threads).

*Edit* actually, it looks like these threads go in reverse. never seen that before . . .
Metronome speed should only be fast enough that you are still playing an exercise correctly then pushing it up a couple clicks at a time until it's clean again. It can take time - but that's the fastest way to move ahead. Anybody else agree or can add to that? Also, taking any exercise and playing at a REALLY slow tempo will teach your brain about timing better than anything. It may sound easier, but some things are more difficult at a really slow groove. This excersize has helped with my studio recording sessions a lot!

Started with Haskell Harr;
Gary Chaffee's sticking patterns;
Stick Control - the best for hand and working into drumset!;
The Paradiddle Workbook - great for measuring and gaining speed and improving hand and foot coordination. I had the hard copy and I downloaded it for my Ipad for traveling; Gary Chester's New Breed - same importance as Stick Control! This one is a must for independence!
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