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Originally Posted by haredrums View Post
Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Drummer
Charley Wilcoxon
Target Audience
This book can work for just about everybody

I didn't see anyone mention this one yet, so I thought I would share it. This book is a classic, although not without it its faults. It is a collection of snare solos, some really great and some less than stellar. Philly Joe was said to have practiced from it religiously, and in my experience it is a great way to start building up both rudimental vocabulary, as well as ideas for phrasing solos. It is also a real challenge to practice with brushes (Kenny Washington apparently has spent a lot of time on this). I do have some small issues with the way it is organized, and as I mentioned some of the solos leave something to be desired. But overall, if you haven't checked it out it is definitely worth your time as it is one of the better snare solo books.
This is a great book to have around, open, set a metronome and READ! Even the weirder ones help because they are weird - or as that last person said "less than stellar." You find that everywhere in the real world.
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