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Default My reaction to Mastodon...

I posted a while ago; "Do Mastodon Suck Live?"
Well, I got to see them the other day with Red Fang and Dillinger Escape Plan and I must say, one of the best gigs I've been to! I've seen Prince, Foo Fighters and many other bands and these guys were definitely in there.

Dillinger Escape Plan though, those guys were insane! Not to mention Jeff Tuttle jumping on me which was pretty funny! Dillinger's drummer Billy was outstanding though! Super-tight and super-crazy... What an amazing drummer! (not to mention, everyone was going crazy).

Red Fang were really good too! Just a straight-up hard rock band! Can't really say much about those guys, total beer drinking music (though, I don't drink at all or do drugs haha!)

Then, Mastodon. The vocals were great! Which I thought would be the biggest disappointment, and everyone was just going crazy! Brann's drumming was another world, though... Still a little gutted he never got to sign my Rhythm Magazine. Which sucked... But honestly, if I could... I'd go see Dillinger and Mastodon everyday of the week and when they return to Scotland they'll be getting a return, via me!
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