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Default Re: Picking up a new instrument?

Originally Posted by SergiuM View Post
I've been really itching to pick up and learn to play the mandolin.. But i feel guilty. I feel as if I would be cheating on my drums by picking up another instrument! Has anyone else ever felt this way?!?!
Loads of people. I personally think variety is the spice of life and that anyone who plays in a band should have at least a basic knowledge of another instrument apart from their main one. I say go for it, your drums will forgive you, I'm sure ;)

I personally play the bass, guitar, drums, vocals and a very small amount of keyboards (I can play the Donnie Darko version of MadWorld and Numb by Linkin Park and that's about it lol). I like to think I divide my time equally with all of them but I would say my best instrument is probably the bass (that doesn't mean I'm good though! :p )
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