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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

Originally Posted by ZRDrummer6 View Post
Ok, I play with a pretty damn decent PDP pedal, but i'm ready to upgrade to something that will increase my speed.
I have both a DW 4000 and a Gibraltar Intruder. (Both single pedals). I find your comment above interesting. Do you seriously think that buying a more expensive (or better branded) pedal WILL increase your speed? I actually prefer my Intruder to my DW, even though it was significantly cheaper. I've found that my speed only increases with practice and getting used to the particular pedal I am playing at the time. I did a kit share at a Battle of the Bands type charity gig recently and the pedal was some non-branded single pedal - pretty heavy duty, but not particularly smooth. At first it was weird to play and I was struggling - after a 10 - 15 minutes it was ok and given a bit more time I don't think I would have been any slower than with my own pedals. In short - don't expect a sudden pedal upgrade to make you faster. Though the 'new gear' syndrome may make you practice a bit harder for a while, which may help ;).
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