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Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
KIS, do you know more about manipulating wood veneers? What do you think
how many finishes are manipulated today, say from ALPI? I mean apart from
some obvious ones...
I'm not too well up on modern processed veneers. I do know that it's common practice to use mild dying to "match" veneers from different batches, but selective disassembly & reconstitution of veneers is a new one on me. As I deal only in solid timber, I'm afraid I'm deeply biased. Veneer was developed primarily as a means of saving money, & it's use is no different today. Putting the effort into the surface you can see is something most of us have come to accept. It's in every part of our life, from chicks to drums. Personally, I'm just as interested in the substance beneath the surface.

I'm really not liking manufactured representations of nature. Don't get me wrong, some of them look very cool, it's just not for me. As an example, compare the images on these two site pages, & take a wild guess which I would choose :)
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