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Two things that really annoy me from my time at LAMA:

1) In a music listening class, we heard a piano trio recording with Art Blakey. It was about 6 or 7 minutes long, and Art basically didn't comp at all. All he did was play the standard ride pattern and the hats on 2 and 4. And my GOD the intensity he built up was ridiculous. His hi-hat was so damn cutting, I was almost in a trance by the end of it. It was phenomenal to listen to. The awful thing is, I can't remember what the track or album was, not even the name of the pianist.

2) At a friend's house one evening, I was played an Art Blakey solo. I can't really remember anything about this solo, but I remember that I thought 'I have never heard anyone play the drums like this'. I would kill to hear that solo again, but as you've guessed, I can't remember where it was from.

Frustrating to say the least.

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