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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey! Seems this is the place to start here so here goes...

Real name? Johnny Somersett
Age? touching 30
How long have you been playing? 15 years
Origin of user name? Its my name, yo
Your top 5 drummers? Dave Grohl, Janet Weiss, Bonham, Byron McMackin, Jojo M
Make of drumkit? Bit of everything
Make of cymbal? n/a
Where do you practice? Local rehearsal rooms and on my legs
Are you in a band? Yep! Occasional Kings
Do you play covers or originals? Originals
What style of music? Experimental/post-rock/electronica
Favourite take out food? Curry
What country do you live in? England
One really odd fact about yourself? errrm...maybe on a future date
How did you start drumming? Playing on friends kits

Well, now the formalities are over...

My names Johnny and I'm a drummer by default. Ive been primarily a guitarist for about 18 years, played in numerous bands and gigged on and off for years. Back in my teens I started having a go at drumming mainly for a laugh, eventually buying myself a few old kits from pawn shops etc. I got kicked out of home at 16 and over the next few years sold all my stuff either to eat or to save moving stuff around. I once bought a sparkle Ludwig kit, late 60's/early 70's, for 600 in a local pawn shop.. only to sell it for about 400 a year on (I also gave up a 1966 Fender Jazzmaster for 400 on the same day and that was equally gutting). But, despite all the trappings of survival I still drummed whenever I stumbled upon a kit and on my legs at any oppourtunity.

Fast forward a few years and last Autumn the drummer in my band had to stop drumming due to a weird skin condition that means he comes up in massive 'boils' under his skin. So, the decision was made for me to stop the guitar and drum for the band (he's now on synths & keys).

Having had MASSIVE kits in the past I always fancied just stripping back and being more concerned with the groove of drumming so I started building my own small kit.

This is it:

I see you lot like it spec'd out so here you go...

Mapex 14x5 Maple snare (tuned TIGHT!)
Gretsch Catalina 22x18 kick drum (stock heads, tuned nice, 1 pillow lightly touching batter)
Tama Iron Cobra Jr double kick pedal
Tama Iron Cobra hi-hat stand

The cymbals are borrowed off the ex-drummer in my band until I source a set of my favourites. Those on there at the moment are Sabian AAX's (14 hats and 19 crash/ride).

I get a bonus through work in March which is when I'll be sorting a set of Istanbul Agop Sultan 14" Hats and a Sultan 20" ride.

It's a small setup but when I get the cymbals Ill be fine... you can get loads more sounds out of those Istanbuls than you can from the generic Sabians.

Anyways, thats my hello!
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