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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Brand new member here, but LONG time drummer (34 years worth). Very cool site, and awesome pic's!!!

I LOVE DW's, so I felt obligated to chip in! Here's a pic of my primary kit as I have several, the others being older black and gold badge kits. The picture is a few years old as I've since added but then recently sold again two additional 28" kicks, and then added and kept additional toms and Edge snares in a multitude of sizes and colors, and picked up some cool and rare DW's such as a 3" x 14" DW snare (yep... 3") AND the rarest of rare, a true 2002 stamped DW 5.5" x 6" DW tom (not a concert or rata). Was cool to call DW to confirm the tom was special ordered in 2001, and one of only a handful known to ever have been made. :-)

The secondary kick in the back is a 20" x 28" with 8" x 28" woofer driven by a remote pedal. Current setup has 2 9000 remote hats, 2 primary hats, and one x-hat to give you an idea of the direction it's headed since. Yes, I have issues like most of you probably do.

More pic's to come as soon as I can find my digital camera.
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