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I reckon Stu was referring to Blink's first couple of albums - if he has them (Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch), on which 'Scott Raynor', Blink's first drummer played. Even he wasn't really that out of time, just not as interesting a player as Travis.

And on the contrary to what Stu said, Travis has a great pocket, just listen to his grooving with the transplants. His timing is never off, unless intentional, to provide an organic, vertigo-inducing sense of velocity as in the beginning of Stockholm Syndrone (Syndrome?).

But come on people, why are we complaining of him playing too many notes? This is punk music (no matter how poppy) we're dealing with here. How can you not expect there to be a certain explosive energy in the player's performances? It is synonymous with the genre.
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