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Default Re: Happy 2-1-12 day.

This is a good place for me to make my confession... I would have done it earlier, but I just felt so foolish, and embarrassed and... well... downright dirty.

If you mentioned Rush to me at any time previous to about 3 months ago, all you would have heard back from me is: Rush Sucks! I hate Rush! I've always loved a lot of prog rock, but I just never understood the whole Rush thing. Well, I thought I understood it just fine: Rush sucked, and I hated them.

BUT...... then I saw the Rush documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage". And I have to say, I really dig the band. They seem so earnest (when before I thought they were merely pretentious), talented (when I thought they were justa buncha noodlers), and most of all they just seem so nice and FRIENDLY. I really want to hang out with, and get to know these guys!

So there... I've revealed my dark secret. I still can't stand their music, but g**damn I love Rush!
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