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Default Re: What do I have?

Whenever I feel nauseous, I immediately suspect food poisoning.

If it's not life-threatening, a good thing to do is eat some fresh ginger or even take some ginger capsules. I'll get a teriyaki chicken bowl from the Japanese restaurant and ask for fresh ginger on the side. I get a good amount in a little tub.

Stop drinking cow's milk. Get your Vitamin D from the sun if you can. 15 minutes a day is all you really need. Get your calcium from other sources. I drink Almond Milk sometimes. I wouldn't recommend Soy as an alternative either. Eliminate Soy as much as you can. I still eat Tofu occasionally, but it's very rare.

Your body gets full of mucus from drinking all that cow's milk, you may need to do a full body cleanse. Nothing too crazy though, just think of it like giving your car a tune-up.
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