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Default Re: A question for those living in Britain...

Originally Posted by jingscrivenshelpmaboab View Post
The notion of a 'Brittish' accent is quite hilarious, as frankly, it doesnt exist. What people often perceive as the token 'brittish' accent is usually a non-specific mid regional English accent. Im from Scotland and I can say my accent is nothing like the 'Brittish' one, and, like many other reigions in the UK, our local dialect is so diverse its practically considered a language of its own.
Ha! Scottish is barely even English! IMO it's just a bloody load of incomprehensible garble *grin* ... case in point ...

It's a braw bricht moonlit nicht the nicht. Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye! Lang may yer lum reek!

I've been friends with our keyboard player since he migrated here from Scotland 20 years ago. I still only understand 3/4s of what he says, if that. Meanwhile Welsh is another language (officially).

So yeah, to Americans there's not much difference between an English accent, Irish, Australian or even a mild Scots accent.

So it's still fair to say "British accent" based on what seems to be the usual we hear. In Oz, there are very minor differences in the various states but it's pretty uniform. The main difference is the range from neutral to very broad.

In the US they speak very differently in the deep south to those in NY ... and accents vary a fair bit even within NY - anything from Frazier to Fran (The Nanny) :)
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