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Default !HELP PLEASE! Question About Snare Drum Tension Rods

I have a Taye TourPro Basswood drum set and I have a (I believe) 5x14 snare drum with the normal 10 tension rods. One of them got jammed and I had to use WD40 and sheer force to take it out, ruining the threads on it. Here's a picture of it held up to a mm ruler. The full tension rod is about 70-72mm and the actual screw part is about 35-37mm. I need to purchase new tension rods and Musiciansfriend offers them in 4 different sizes; 28mm, 35mm, 42mm, and 52mm. I'm not sure which is the right one that would match the other 9 on my snare drum already or if they'd all work, I don't know. Here's a picture of the tension rod.

The snare drum looks like this one on altomusic

If you can provide any help, it'd be greatly appreciated. Post if you need any additional info.

SORRY about the picture being so big. Not sure why it is. Thanks again!
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