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Eliminate all vaccines? Well you really are misguided there. Vaccines do work and that's why Smallpox has been entirely eradicated. Measles is making a comeback as a direct result of vaccination phobia (based on a falsified study) and there is a huge body of scientific evidence that vaccinations do work. As do many drugs. This is why we have correlational studies, double-blind drug studies and longitudinal studies clearly demonstrating that medicines and vaccinations work.

There are medicines that don't. There are vaccinations that have issues and side effects but to say that no vaccine works is at best misinformed and at worst, frankly dangerous.

Here's one example of a real vaccine scare that has done real harm:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The MMR vaccine controversy was a case of scientific misconduct which triggered a health scare. It followed the publication in 1998 of a paper in the medical journal The Lancet which presented apparent evidence that autism spectrum disorders could be caused by the MMR vaccine, an immunization against measles, mumps and rubella.[1]
Investigations by Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer revealed that the lead author of the article, Andrew Wakefield, had multiple undeclared conflicts of interest,[2][3] had manipulated evidence,[4] and had broken other ethical codes. The Lancet paper was partially retracted in 2004 and fully retracted in 2010, and Wakefield was found guilty by the General Medical Council of serious professional misconduct in May 2010 and was struck off the Medical Register, meaning he could no longer practice as a doctor.[5] The research was declared fraudulent in 2011 by the BMJ.[6] The scientific consensus is that no evidence links the vaccine to the development of autism, and that the vaccine's benefits greatly outweigh its risks.
The result?

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The claims in Wakefield's 1998 The Lancet article were widely reported;[13] vaccination rates in the UK and Ireland dropped sharply,[14] which in turn led to greatly increased incidence of measles and mumps, resulting in deaths and severe and permanent injuries.[15] Physicians, medical journals, and editors[16][17][18][19][20] have made statements tying Wakefield's fraudulent actions to various epidemics and deaths.[21][22]
As for improving the diet by moderating the intake of meat and eliminating processed food, I would largely agree. Diet and exercise are very important with regards to overall health but this anti-vaccination rhetoric is utter balderdash.
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