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Originally Posted by toteman2
well, i really do think he has him mixed up with someone else...Thoughtfull points? I would say go out and buy "Synergy" or "Rhythm of the Soul" and listen to the entire CD's...If your not convinced they are some of the most muscial, expressive, technical, and quality sounding drumming CD's you've ever heard then i don't know whatesle to say...
I agreed with the points that so astounded you, and I not only bought Synergy I also saw the band touring off the back of it. I returned the CD, and I found the gig extremely dull. The fact that beer cost an arm and a leg didn't help either, since I was at music school at the time.

But Stu is right about his drum sound, it's excellent. I guess that's what happens when a drum obsessive also turns into a sound engineering obsessive, which Weckl has - IIRC, he does his own drum mix from his own rig before sending it to the house board.
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