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Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
I realize this is an old thread. However, can someone recommend some CDs of clear sounding recordings of Gene Krupa. I also realize that in this day of down loading music I am probably the last of those who still purchase CDs.

I am looking for a clear recording because I always liked Krupa's bass drumming but was never able to get a very clear recording of it. The pedals of this time were primative and Krupa demonstrated a great right foot despite the limitations of the hardware.
I'm not sure of exact recordings, but I imagine some of the live recordings and later studio recordings (early 70's??) would have good sound quality, but for me they lack the excitement of his work with big bands. I've listened to some of the live recordings from this period (on, but again I can't give an exact example


Does anyone know what kind of patterns he used in his solos? Such as these:

I'm not wanting to copy note for note what he did (as if I could!), I'm just interested in learning to play some of the things he did, to give me a little bit of fun outside of lessons/pad practice/kit practice/rudiments/rehearsal.

The only advice I've been given so far is stickings like Rll Rll Rll Rll and variations, and rolls such as Rll RLrr Lrr RLrr (6/8 roll???)
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