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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by negativeattitude
First let me say that I thought I was going out on a limb when I wrote to Steve and asked if there was anyway my son and I could attend sound check or some other more private event other than the concert at Richmond ( we already had 2nd row seats ). He responded within hours to say he would call me on the day of the show to see if he could work something out. Waiting anxiously all day Saturday we never heard from Steve, as excited as we were we figured he's just a busy man. Immediately after the concert we saw Steve moving trap cases over to the drums, after screaming his name a couple of times he came over to us, apologized for not calling and said he was short on help and asked if we could come up and give him a hand tearing everything down. My son and I put Tommy’s’ cymbals and hardware away and I got to put the 32" kick in its case. Wow!

Steve, what you did for us Saturday night may not have meant anything to you, but it meant everything to us!
Thanks, you're a cool guy!

Carl & Corey (Corey said thanks again for the sticks!)

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! See Steve is the man!!! I even offered to help in Richmond!!!!!! He said he was ok.....

Just so you know, there is no sound check with the band, the tech's all do line checks on the gear and thats it. With todays computerized sound boards, they get most of the levels they need in rehearsals and then tweak them for each arena.

That 32" kick is a monster.... but all and all it's pretty light.... Glad Steve hooked ya!!!
Betty......... YUMMMMMMM
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