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Originally Posted by larrylover
ok, I don't know if you noticed, but most successful rock bands' drummers lay down a simple version of the songs for recording. When they preform live, they have more intrecute (sp?) fills and they will usually have a solo. Travis did just that, and thats what I do. It makes the track better and the live preformance more exiting to watch.
Even weezer does this. I went to a live preformance of theirs. It blew me away when the drummer actually did a rundown on the toms. so yes, they do flaunt their stuff at times.
there are travis barker solos on the site tho. cheak them out. (we can make fun of him all we want, but he's still married to a miss america! lol)
haha larrylover, i was going to mention the same thing about Pat Wilson, but my post was already too long.
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