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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

I'm looking forward to your P4 practice pad - I've just ordered it (learned about the P4 pad on this forum) and will pick it up in a few days. (I already have a bunch of great pads but the P4 is clearly a new dimension and must have.) My music store (among the bigger ones in Germany) had to contact the distributor for availability/price so I'm assuming that the P4 isn't too popular in Germany yet. I'm sure this will change!

Your DVDs will be the next things I'll check out.

Pat, do you ever practice with "heavy" sticks, for more workout?

I've asked a few pro drummers on this forum to share some max bpm values for handwork/footwork and (which first surprised me) in most cases they couldn't give bpm's off the top of their head. I'm all numbers, I like having some orientation what pro drummers are up to purely physically. So what about some bpm's as to, say, single stroke roll, doubles, paradiddle? Thanks for your reply and for bearing with me.

UPDATE (Feb. 24rd)
The P4 has arrived - it's cool!! Plus my first pair of Pro Mark sticks, a nice combination.
I like the size of the P4 - it's everything but tiny and thus, allows for that 'getting around the kit' feel.

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