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Anyway. Someone asked about his cymbals - he's a Paiste user as far as I know. Have you heard Needles live? There's some nice cymbal work in that.

I want his old drum kit - I believe it was a Swingstar but with four toms, maybe? Whatever, I want one, but the only swingstars I could find had three toms - I guess it was a custom job. I copy a lot of his work, which he actually said he disliked in an interview, but his music is just so fun to play. He also said that he always plays to compliment the songs on the albums which I've noticed - his live playing is a lot more technical and, well, violent. He holds back a lot on the albums which is a shame in a way. He should release an album where he drums as hard as he wants - he also said (I swear, I'm not a stalker) that, because they record albums THEN play them loads live, he gets into songs once the album is out so his playing style changes altogether. I know it would never happen, but I'd like to hear them re-record Toxicity.

End of asskissing. Summarised: I like Dolmayan.

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