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Originally Posted by Too Many Songs View Post
Well, to be honest, your username gives the game away.
True, but to be such a ‘Drummertist’ after playing ‘Too Many Songs’, I try to ‘keep it simple’, overplaying only provide a ‘mediocrefunkybeat’, even ‘eddiehimself’ agrees with me, but really I have ‘Xero Talent’, I’ve said it ‘Numberless’ times on this forum, but the bottom line, we’re all ‘Mad About Drums’ and it’s reflected in our tuning, our ‘resohead’ are tighter than the batter head, with a nice ‘Wavelength’ to give a nice rebound to our ‘Sticks’ for that nice ‘oldrockdrummer’ sound :)

It is ‘Strangelove’ from Pollyanna, who’s referred a fellow ‘drummingman’ as no one, to get such a compliment. ;-))
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