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Default Not really a drummer

Real name? Milt Hathaway
Age? 51
How long have you been playing? 6 years, but not contiguously.
Origin of user name? My DNA sources
Your top 5 drummers? Jake Hanna, Joe Ascione, Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, Ringo Starr
Make of drumkit? Tama, Yamaha, Pearl, Gretsch
Make of cymbal? Zildjian, Sabian
Where do you practice? What's that?
Are you in a band? No
Do you play covers or originals? N/A
What style of music? N/A
Favourite take out food? A big well-done burger from a Mom&Pop burger joint
What country do you live in? USofA
One really odd fact about yourself? I'm still here.
How did you start drumming? I wanted to, so I bought a kit.

I'm here to learn because in addition to playing I own a small backline rental company. The more I know what drummers prefer to hit the more likely I am to make the correct purchasing choices for my inventory. I also might be able to pass along anecdotes from my experiences providing gear for real working players.
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