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Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
I agree Polly, with the danger of her replying "is that all what's bothering you? You're a sad soul"...

Now if Nadal looses in the fifth set against Jokovitch in the Australian Open's final, there will be some long faces around the house, but at least I will know why... :))
Yes, there's the risk of being misunderstood but I've been out with one of those self absorbed Easter Island statue types. They're bloody frustrating ... unless you're the kind of person who enjoys talking to brick walls!

Originally Posted by mxo721 View Post
that is hilarious I love that... the thing is, I always say is that 'many" not "all" modern women don't have hobbies or interests of their own, and they obbsess about what their man is doing.
True dat - but many men have no interests outside of work too. And man, some of the jobs these guys are into ... "Oh, so you're an accounts development administrator ... how, um, fascinating".

I've come to the conclusion that the only sane approach is to either forget relationships altogether or settle with someone who lives in a compatible universe. Having said that, I'm not exactly a poster child for sanity ...

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