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Default Sticks and women at work

Hi guys. Well, it is a very slow, uneventful night here in ICU, the patients we have are fast asleep.

I usually bring my sticks when I am on nightshift and sit at the nurses station and go over some progressive accented paradiddles on a folded hospital towel.

I have just done 2 hrs non-stop of some sticking exercises. I have also just downloaded Dave Toughs' advanced paradiddles as a PDF onto my thumb some work to do when I get home.

I work as a Critical care nurse in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)....I work with a LOT of women!! They can burp, fart and talk about bodily functions better than the guys I reckon!
It's a trap!, It's a trap!....we can't stand firepower of that magnitude! (Admiral Ackbar)
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