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Default Re: Creativity and who you live with

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
The vibes and feelings of our families does affect us in all the things that we do, for the best or the worse, music creativity is no exeption, when there's a bad or negative feeling floating around in the household, it does affect my playing and my creativity.
Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
At least with negativity, you might find inspiration in proving people wrong or rebelling!
Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Creativitry needs stimulation, feedback mechanisms, ideas need to bounce off positive energy, positive people..... its like stick rebound.....
Playing and creativity are influenced by both positive and negative feelings, perhaps I wasn't clear in my post regarding that aspect. :)

But it is the very essence for inspirations, so many artists have written beautiful pieces of music and lyrics, and it is indeed these positives and negatives feelings of life experiences that lead us to create wonderful moments, artisticaly, whatever it is through music, painting or film making, it is the reflection and interpretation of our surrounding at all times and period of our daily existence. :)
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