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Default Re: Creativity and who you live with


Dads.. well .. nuff said.

Pol's new situation is tricky one for her and probably requires adjustment by both parties but I think its safe to assume that they both are close.

Also as Sticks so elequently said, sometimes the inability to express feelings does mean you dont have any, so to assume the worst isnt good.

But creative environments are very important. Large companies like Google, Apple, Gaming shops, advertising agencies, large design studios etc spend a ton of money just to keep things fresh and interesting in working enviroments.

Creativitry needs stimulation, feedback mechanisms, ideas need to bounce off positive energy, positive people..... its like stick rebound.....

Polly sticks are bouncing off pillows right now, but I think once there's some refamiliarization between the two, Polly's irrepressible joi de vivre' will return : )

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