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Default Re: Creativity and who you live with

Sticks is 100% right.

Polly, I have been very fortunate to have supportive parents. They have always encouraged and supported my interests, including music. I try to take a cue from that and raise my own daughter accordingly. Unconditional love and support, let the chips fall where they will. That's sort of my philosophy as a parent.

But as you say, you can't choose your family. I definitely agree it matters who you surround yourself with. Moving up the corporate ladder, I found myself in recent years surrounded by people who had no interest in the arts or appreciation for anything that I was truly passionate about. I finally reached a point where I went far out of my way to start inserting myself into environments where people who shared my interests could be found. I've found it well worth the effort.

In some ways, total apathy from those around you may be worst of all. At least with negativity, you might find inspiration in proving people wrong or rebelling!
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