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Default Re: Tuning Woes

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
...him replying in a straightforward manner ... "Dang and blast, Enid, I just can't get that blessed snare drum sounding right."

...Just talk, dammit! If you can't confide in your partner about your tuning woes then she's not The One. Simple...
I agree Polly, with the danger of her replying "is that all what's bothering you? You're a sad soul"...

Now if Nadal looses in the fifth set against Jokovitch in the Australian Open's final, there will be some long faces around the house, but at least I will know why... :))

@ Too Many Songs...

"No regrets Coyote
We just come from such different sets of circumstance
I'm up all night in the studios
And you're up early on your ranch
You'll be brushing out a brood mare's tail
While the sun is ascending
And I'll just be getting home with my reel to reel...
There's no comprehending" - Joni Mitchell

Yep, goes with the topic indeed :)
Keep On Drumming
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