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Default Re: Creativity and who you live with

We have to remember that our dads grew up in a much different time than we did, and their dad's before them. Dad's weren't supposed to say mushy things about how you look, or play, or draw. Mom's did that. Men were not supposed to share their feelings. They were meant to be strong and hard. Providers. I grew up in a family were my day never said anything positive about what you did, but then his dad was even worse than him. Luckily for my brother and I, my Mom more than made up for that, but it still can't replace the fathers reassurance. Even a couple of months ago when my dad was on his death bed, he could not tell me he loved me. He never once in my life said it.

Now we also have to remember that just because they don't say nice things to us, does not mean they are not thinking nice things. It was, and still is for many guys, very hard to get mushy with the people closest to them. Almost like it would be showing a sign of weakness to everyone.

I think what this tells us is just how important it is for all of us not to be afraid to tell our kids, or the ones we love, just how great we think they are. If you can tell some stranger on a drum forum how great his playing is, or how nice is stuff is, but can't turn around and tell Johnny, Suzy, or our significant other, how great they are, then you have a problem, and need to fix it right away. The people in our homes need to hear this stuff the most.

Doctor Glen. :)
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