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Default Re: Tuning Woes

Cute, but you know what's missing here? The woman asking what's wrong and him replying in a straightforward manner ... "Dang and blast, Enid, I just can't get that blessed snare drum sounding right.".

Then men complain that women keep trying to read their minds. Like there's an alternative lol

Just talk, dammit! If you can't confide in your partner about your tuning woes then she's not The One. Simple.

An admission: I've never managed to tune my snare right and I sleep just fine ... but if I have a bad night when my timing is off then I'm not much fun.

TMS, that's a good point. It applies to creative types generally. For me, being with a "normal" partner feels like a straitjacket after a while. Been there, done that, won't do it again.

Nor clowns who won't communicate in the most basic way :)
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