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Default Re: Creativity and who you live with

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Fathers! You can choose your friends but ...
True, my father played in a marching brass band in his earlier years, so he's got a musical knowledge, however, he never ever made a single positive comments about my drumming, it was always something negative about it, over the years it became very tiresome and hurting to hear such invariable comments, but on a Christmas holyday, while staying with us for a few days 4 years ago, he said "Son, you've have made good progress on the drums", hurray! it took me over 27 years to get that comment out of his mouth, at least I feel I've achieved something at last :))

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
The only sane response is to switch off and find more compatible people. Given that he needs me around most of the time this place is like an oasis for me!
The vibes and feelings of our families does affect us in all the things that we do, for the best or the worse, music creativity is no exeption, when there's a bad or negative feeling floating around in the household, it does affect my playing and my creativity.

But I agree with you Polly, this place is indeed an "oasis" where we can share views and opinions in all the precious thing that we call drums and drumming, and we can share it regardless of our current moods with all the members here at DW. :))
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