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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by aahznightsky
Now he has alot of technique, but i wouldn't say he's anywhere near touching Greb's musicality (and Benny still has the upper hand by just a little technique wise)

And i don't hear Eloy doing any grooving like ya see Greb doing. He's just busting out his licks. When a few of my friends and family so him on the dvd, first thing they said was,

"Where's the groove?"
I have to agree here. His licks are amazing, but that isn't what drumming is about. Is it?

Who can he play with (besides metal) and not over power them with 40 bass drum strokes every three seconds? It's seems everything was interspersed with bass drum stuff. Anyone can play fast in spurts. Yes he is doing good for a 14 year old. But, at some point, he's gonna have to learn to groove if he is ever going to play outside the metal gigs.

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