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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by billy ward View Post
Hi Sjogras - thanks for the compliment on my snare! That drum was a 6X 14 birch DW VLT shell. I've gotta say, that is how that drumset sounds because I used very few microphones in making that record. If you keep yearning for a particular sound, it will come to you so keep trying! good luck!
Hey Billy! Been watching your "Voices In My Head" video the last couple of days and must say I am blown away by your musical playing and the great insight to your process. Out The Door is sounding great with my morning cofee:-)

My question is about how you get such a great sound, especially your snare. Are the edges custom to to your liking or are they similar to a standard Collectors series snare? Re-rings?

Any insight to the recording process would be great, particularly overhead mics, bass drum tuning and mic placement.
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