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[quote=darkcherryfade]NO HE ISN'T!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Bucks
I also think that not the difficulty or the speed are important to make a good groove it is only important that your drumming fits into the song or the style of music you play.


It's definitely not about how simple and complex the drumming is. But remember, just cause a shirt fits you doesn't mean it looks good. Sure, Barker's playing "fits" the music, but it doesn't really sound that good to me. At least, he does a good enough job not getting too in the way of the rest of the music.
Dark cherry fade you're a legend, i cant agree more another one of those overrated drummers. I saw his solo and to be honest i started to laugh cause he's on this website with all these top kick arse drummers with awesome solos and that all he has to show for himself, plus his stuff doesn't impress me at all and how he acts on his show....maybe i should stop there i would want to make any teeny boppers cry cause i'm drilling their favourite drummer! Whoops did i just say that? I think i did, oohh and i can't take it back now i've already typed it.
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